The DIY Dollhouse


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I have little patience for art and craft projects that involve glue or paint or popsicle sticks. My daughter is different. Whew! She has immense amounts of patience–especially with art and animals.

She received a dollhouse as a present, and I immediately thought: let’s buy cute little furniture and decorate that sucker! But my husband had other ideas. He wanted her to make her own furniture.

Make her own?? Ugh, why can’t we just buy the stuff and decorate it, so she can get playing?! Time’s a wastin’!

My husband knows that our daughter is creative and clever. That she would enjoy the designing and making and creating part. Over the next several weeks, with glue gun in hand, she turned bottle caps, plastic picnic knives, Legos, aluminum foil, playing cards, fabric, clay, and popsicle sticks…and transformed them into:

…a magical house fit for a bunnies, squirrels, and puppies!

Here are some pictures of the beginnings of her DIY Dollhouse: slip-covered sofas, a Lego table, a bunk bed made from picnic ware, a picnic table made from popsicle sticks, little pizzas made from clay, pots made from aluminum foil.

I love her vision and patience. And I love my husband for encouraging her to embrace her creativity and resourcefulness. And patience.

Guess I’ll eat a little crow. A teensy, tiny, miniature crow.


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