Does that Sofa Come in “Labrador Yellow?”


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Our family room is definitely a family room. It’s accessible, comfortable, and used–by all family members.

And when I say used, I mean the furniture looks like it’s used.

Plus we have a giant yellow Labrador who loves to rub up against the back of the chair, like a lion scratching against a tree. Yeah that.

Our slip-covered sofa and chair were dark grey and our dog is yellow, so you can imagine the hairiness. And the color contrast.

Thankfully, we don’t invest too much money in furniture. But I still like things looking nice. So, we ditched the old slip covers and trekked to Ikea to re-slip in “Teno light gray.”

Yeah, that’s what they call the color. I call it Labrador yellow. A perfect match.


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What a face. I know what you mean by the furniture being used. Our couch looks a little worse for wear because of the cat. I want to get the Ikea sofas that you can slip cover – at least than I can change the cover or wash it as needed. 🙂

I highly recommend slip covers with pets…and kids with popsicles!


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