The Giving Tree


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The Giving Tree. One of our favorite books–one of the best characters, that tree–and also one of our most hated characters: that boy who grows up to be a greedy man. It’s all take take take.

We met a friendly, giving tree this summer.

It was a hot day. We had our bag of Subway sandwiches and quilt in tow, driving in search of the perfect picnic spot.

We were too hungry to drive too far. Yep, about four minutes in the car capped off our impatience.

We spotted a tree in a field. That oak tree beckoned and welcomed us. That tree said, “Come, Boy (and Girl and Mother), come…and play in my shade and be happy.”

And we did. And we were.

You would never know by looking, but that old tree stands proudly on a three-acre lot, located smack in the middle of suburbia. Across from a high school and exactly four minutes from Subway. The lot will probably be for sold one of these days. And the tree may be chopped down to a stump. I sure hope not.

But on that magical day, as we gazed up at her twisted branches, that tree gave us shade and solace, with her fluttering leaves.

And now, every time we drive by her (practically daily), we yell out to our new friend “HI TREE!”

“And the tree was happy.”


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