Proud on the Sidelines


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My son’s high school team lost their last football game.

The team walked off the field in a line, heading towards the locker room. Their heads hung low. Their bodies showing defeat. They were the quietest I’ve even seen them.

Then I spotted my son, who looked at me and gave me the biggest grin. He veered away from the line of defeat and exclaimed, “Hey Mom! Good to see you!” And then proceeded to give me the biggest hug. Yep. Right in front of everyone. And get this. He added, “Thanks for coming to my game. Even though we lost, I did my best.”

“Good to see you too! I’m so proud of you!”

(Don’t get me wrong. I love winning.)

But that young man–with that grin and that hug and that positive attitude–he was a winner. I was proud on the sidelines, prouder-than-a good-win-proud.



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