The Butterscotch


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One hot, humid summer day, I was swinging on the tire swing in the backyard. My legs reaching high up into the Oak tree.

Swinging, spinning, laughing. It was heavenly.

I popped in a butterscotch candy–I had grabbed a handful from my grandmother’s candy dish and stuffed them in my pocket to savor for later.

I let the buttery flavor spread across my tongue. The hard candy made clicking noises against my teeth.

Then all of a sudden. It slipped down.


That butterscotch candy got stuck in my throat. Lodged.

The swinging, spinning, laughing stopped. So did the breathing. Little gasps of air. Barely. Seconds passed. It felt like minutes. No air. The candy did not budge.

But then it did. I coughed it up and out.

And never will I eat those golden suckers again.butterscotch

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Switch to Werther’s. They’ll never try to choke you and make you look bad in front of your friends as your desperately gasp for air as your vision fades into those little twinkly stars in the periphery. No, Werther’s cares enough to keep you alive so you can eat more.

Werther’s. They care enough to keep you alive. So you can eat more.

I will! And thank you for caring.


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