I Got a Rock


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While I thought my jumbo-cookie-baking skills were amazing, turns out, they dulled in comparison to a freaking giant ocean scene cake. You know, the kind you see on Pinterest.┬áHere’s how it went down.

My daughter and her friends were in the back seat. The subject of birthday cakes came up. A totally fun topic for 10-year-old girls.

Girl #1: One time, my mom made me an ocean cake with waves and buoys and boats and mermaids and fish.

Ooooh! Awesome!

Girl #2: One time, my mom made me an ocean cake with a whale and a surfer and candy all around the edges.


My daughter: One time, my mom made me a giant cookie.


That conversation SO reminded me of Charlie Brown and his trick-or-treating endeavors. He got what? Yeah, a rock.

I’ll take a giant cookie over a rock any day. It’s all relative.

ocean_cake3 ocean_cake_3 ocean_cake_2cookie

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