Blackest Black is the New Black


Posted by peskypippi | Posted in Beauty, Humor | Posted on 12-09-2013

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Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

Yeah. Trust me. It’s Maybelline.

I was not born with thick and long eyelashes. Nah. Mine look more like a Daddy Long Legs’s legs. Spindly.

Soooo, perusing the make-up aisle. What to choose? Brown. Brownish black. Very black. Blackest black.

Blackest black, of course. Bring on Sydney Funnel-Web Spider* eyelashes!


*The Sydney Funnel-Web Spider (shown here) is one of the deadliest spider in the world. It has the most toxic venoms (to humans) of any spider. Though it may be an urban myth, I read that it can chase you and is able to bite through a toenail. Yeah, I want bad-asses lashes like that.

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