The Cherry Pie


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When I was about ten years old, my grandmother took me along to her church function. A church ladies luncheon. She proudly carried in her freshly-baked cherrie pie with a fluted pie crust that glistened with sugar sprinkled on top in one hand, and ushered me along (also proudly) with her other hand.

What a beauty! The pie. I was too, as she had curled my hair like Shirley Temple just for the occasion.

The buffet was quite a spread. I remember deviled eggs and ambrosia salad (you know, the kind of fruit salad with marshmallows?) and ham sandwiches and pies. Lots of pies.

My grandmother’s beauty of a pie had a halo around it. I couldn’t wait to dive in.

Except, as we were lining up, as good church ladies do, I overhead one lady to say to another, “Looks like that pie is made from canned cherries. Harumph!” And she passed over my grandmother’s pie in disgust, as mean church ladies do.

My mouth sorta dropped and I thought what a mean thing to proclaim. I happened to love canned cherry pie filling. The kind that are neon red, with the oozing cherry sauce.

What a bitch that woman was. There, I said it.

Not to her face. But I sure thought it. Actually, maybe “bitch” wasn’t in my vocabulary back then, at ten. All I knew was, no one talks bad about my grandmother and her pie-making skills. Harumph!

When we were back home, I just had to tell my grandmother about the meanie. (Later, I kinda wished I had just kept it to myself.) But, my grandmother heartily laughed it off and her words echoed mine, “what a bitch!”

Ha! No, she didn’t say that exactly. But she said something about how there will always be mean people and to pay them no attention.

Golly. My grandmother was not only an excellent baker, but she had amazing self-awareness and confidence and integrity all rolled in, and a layer of toughness sprinkled on top.

cherry pie

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