The Champagne Celebration


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We were gifted a fine bottle of champagne. Actually it was a fine bottle of sparkling wine. It was from Germany. Woo, fancy!

We saved it for awhile. For a special occasion. Turns out that the special occasion was this weekend. We knew our children needed a celebration. Celebrating a fun-filled summer and toasting a great school year ahead.

Pop! I think the cork dented our kitchen ceiling.

For us, like many other families, Labor Day weekend marks a transition weekend. From summer to school-sports-activities-and-crazy-family-life. We knew the kids would be sorta bumming. What was ahead? Waking up early. Homework. And algebra.

The sparkling wine was poured in five glasses; a toast was made; and we all partook. My eight-year-old tasted it–grimaced–was like, “Is this alcohol? I don’t like alcohol.”

His big brother, “James Bond drinks alcohol.”

Yeah, so does Mommy, pass it over here! Swig! My husband and I guzzled the rest. We needed a little calm before the storm.

Well, whaddya know. Turns out that the fine bottle of sparkling wine was a fine steal at $4.99 at World Market. Better stock up on a case to handle the school year ahead!


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