My First Penis Sighting


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Ken’s penis doesn’t really count. He’s plastic and there’s barely a bulge.

But the first time I saw a real, live penis was when I was about ten years old. Galavanting around with my friends one day, we cornered my friend’s little brother. Poor guy. He was only eight or so. My friend made him pull down his shorts to show us.

He didn’t really need much coaxing. It seemed that he kinda wanted to show “it” off. I mean, here we were, a bunch of excitable girls giggling. Encircling him.

So. There it was. And what a disappointment. Out for four seconds and then back into the shorts it went.

And back I went, playing with my Ken and Barbie dolls. They were humping in Barbie’s camper. With their plastic crotches and all.


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