Nobody Plays with Sticks


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“Nobody plays with sticks.” It’s a line from like the best dialogues ever between parents of our generation and their children, in the movie This is 40.

PETE (the father)

You’re on your computer too much as it is. You need to get outside more.

DEBBIE (the mother)

Yeah. You can build things. You can build a fort.

SADIE (the teenager daughter)



Yeah, build a fort. Play with your friends.


Make a fort?! Outside? And do what in the fort?


When I was a kid we used to build tree houses and play with sticks.


Nobody plays with sticks.


You and Charlotte can have a lemonade stand.


Play Kick the Can.


Look for dead bodies.


It’s fun.


Get a tire and then take a stick and run down the street with it.


Nobody does that crap. It’s 2012.

Yeah. My kids don’t play with sticks or rocks either. And I’m not exactly of the kick-the-can-generation. But I did make “soup” out of mud. And necklaces out of dandelions. And I skipped rocks on the lake.

From my generation to my children’s generation, technology has infused our lives. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love my laptop and Blu-Rays and iPhone. I love to blog and text and Facebook and watch movies on demand and take digital photographs and Google and play Scrabble on my phone and Tweet and DVDR House Hunters International.

But I also like the simplicity of not doing any of that.

As a family, we go camping every summer. It’s one of the highlights of our year. While there, I can’t even get one bar on my phone! So what we do is hike, carve sticks, make fires, swim, and skip rocks. The simple things. And you know what? My oldest son is a rock-skipping expert and taught me a thing or two.

However, when we are all nestled in our sleeping bags in the tent, I enjoy a late-night game of Scrabble on my phone. Because I can.



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