A Tale of Three Tails


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My daughter is a tail-wearer. This makes me happy. Her newest purchase was at the county fair. It was refreshing to see her proudly pin the fluffy-faux raccoon tail to her shorts as she darted off to the next roller coaster with her little brother. In a sea of teen girls–all with matching uniforms: tank tops, short denim shorts, and Keds–she was different.

That is the first tail. The second two were accidents.

We were visiting my father and stepmother. They had a black and white cat named Friday. One afternoon, my daughter headed outside to play and as she opened the screen door, Friday darted out. Sadly, his tail met up with the automatic closing screen door and wham. Two inches broke off of his tail, just like that. It seems that tails don’t grow back like starfish legs.

The next accident happened last week. Our dog Otis had found a comfy place to snooze, right next to my daughter who was sitting in the reclining chair. As she put the recliner back into upright position–“yelp!”–Otis’s tail got pinched. Turned out it was a sprained tail, requiring a vet visit and all. An $80 vet bill and some medicine, and his tail is back to normal.

Turns out that Friday passed away this year. But rest assured, it was not tail-related.

I think my daughter ought to stay away from cat tails and dog tails, and stick with raccoon tails. Ya think?


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