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My mother recently came for a visit.

No problem, she can sleep in my daughter’s room, we thought.

A lovely, friendly, and colorful room. Perfect for welcoming guests.

Yeah, no.

It was friendly and colorful all right. Whoa! We walked in and it was floor-to-ceiling stuffed animals, overstuffed drawers with polka dots and stripes, bobble head collections askew, art boxes overflowing with paintbrushes and half-finished works of art, girl Legos, Barbies, horses. You name it.

Yeah, you couldn’t see the carpet.

It was not the peaceful oasis we were hoping for.¬†Turns out that it was easier for my husband to dissemble her headboard and bed frame and move the entire bed–mattress and box springs and all–downstairs to my home office. And reassemble and make the bed, with fresh roses bedside on the filing cabinet, of course.

Bed and breakfast in my office now open. Free highlighters, staples, and Post-Its to all our guests.

Bed & Breakfast Sign

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