What is Squishy and Prickly…and Smells Like Old Coconuts?


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According to my children, the answer is me.

Yeah, I get all sorts of compliments and, uh, comments around here.

I get a poke in the butt cheek while I’m doing dishes, “Mom, your butt is squishy.” Laughter. And then a hug. “But I love you.”

I get a pat on the leg. “Mom your legs are prickly.” Ooops, I forgot to shave today. “But I still love you,” I am reassured.

Cuddle time while reading. Then sniff sniff. “Mom, your hair smells like old coconuts.” Ah, must be the tropical shampoo I used.

Dumb jokes. Har har. Crazy dancing in the kitchen. On purpose. Silly talk in public, without worrying who is going to hear. That’s me. “Mom, you’re such a dork,” said with a chuckle.

Just imagine how my personal ad would read:

Silly dork who lives life to its fullest

Has a squishy butt, often seen with prickly legs, dancing in the kitchen;

Hair smells like old coconuts;

Gives lots of hugs, smiles too big, and answers to Mom


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