Once in a Blue Moon


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That kinda describes how often my husband and I go on a “real date.” You know, where I put on an actual dress and we have actual tickets to an actual event.

Did you know that the phrase “once in a blue moon” refers to when two full moons occur within a calendar month? The second full moon is called a blue moon. This happens about every thirty-two months.

So yeah, as far as “real dates” go, that’s about right.

Last Summer, the month of August brought us not one, but two full moons. It was Friday, August 17, which meant actual tickets to see Norah Jones in concert. Lawn seats. And it was 100 degrees, also a record-high temperature.

A hot Summer night, with Norah Jones and us. How romantic!

Yeah, no.

I wore a new dress. Polyester. Too tight in all the wrong places. That’s what I get for eating too many burritos. The dress didn’t breathe.

Stupidly, I picked sandals with chunky heels that weren’t comfortable. At least not for the 10-block tromp. Lawn seating meant open seating. First come-first served. That meant walking quickly. My husband is a fast walker, with me trailing, dragging the quilt behind me.

Six o-clock arrival time. We scored a great spot on the lawn. As I sat on the quilt, sipping the beer my husband brought me, I realized wearing a short, tight dress for lawn seating was pretty stupid. Ugh. And who wears polyester on 100-degree evenings?

There was no breeze. Sweat was pooling in my armpits. It was so hot, sweat was pooling in my butt crack.

Then, Norah started playing the piano. Yada yada. And so ended our blue moon date.

Call me crazy, but our “casual dates” are frequent, and oh so much more fun. You know, the ones when we go to Home Depot to pick up geraniums and wire and then grab burritos at Chipotle? Plus, no advance-purchase tickets required.


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We like our casual outings, also. Love you! Dad

Sometimes simpler is indeed better!


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