Why Men Have Nipples and a Dog Named Helen Keller


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Otherwise known as blueberry picking.

  • Why do men have nipples?
  • What’s better, a flame thrower or a bazooka?
  • Who would win, Avengers or Fantastic Four?

These were topics on our recent family outing to pick blueberries. Naturally.

A local farm. A sunny afternoon. And blueberries, ripe for the picking. We encountered an uncatchable rooster, bleating milk goats, cheerful hollyhocks, an electric fence. And a dog born without eyeballs, named Helen Keller. Naturally.

Taking a little trip to the countryside proved to be quite the experience.

We learned that it takes a long time to fill the bottom of a bucket with blueberries. Plink plink. I was reminded of the classic book Blueberries for Sal. We appreciated all that farmers and fruit pickers do.

We also learned about compassion, as we petted Helen Keller’s soft fur. The owner fostered the puppy, who was now part of the family, and a good guard dog too.

Who knew that $12 would buy so few blueberries, yet so many lessons?

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So what was the prevailing wisdom to the man nipples question Pip? I really need to know!

I thought you’d know!

I have no idea!

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