Message in a Bottle


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The other day, I drove up to the drive-up bank teller, with my children in tow. This was their first time banking in the car. I haven’t done this in years either, as I usually visit the ATM to take care of my banking needs. My kids find the ATM fascinating. I mean, cash just shoots out of the machine!

But alas, I misplaced my debit card. So, the drive-up it was. Roll the window down, push a button, talk to the nice bank teller, open a container, put in my ID, push a button. Swoosh! The container gets magically transported from my car to the nice bank teller. He fills out some paperwork, pops it into the container. Swoosh! The container gets magically transported back to me. With a receipt and three Dum Dum lollipops for the kids.

Just like when my Dad and I went to the bank. Way back when.

Funny how pneumatic tubes (systems in which cylindrical containers are propelled through tubes by compressed air) and personal touch made our banking experience quite the memorable experience.

We talked about it the whole way home. With the smell of strawberry, pineapple, and cherry candy quickly filling the air.


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