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We have a neighborhood, community pool, in our city park. Kinda like the pool in the movie The Sandlot. In fact, I don’t think the pool has been renovated since 1962, when that movie was set.

Our pool is subsidized by the local Lions Club, so you can swim for $3. And you pretty much get what you pay for.

The pool paint is chipping. And if you’re not careful, you could stub your toe on a crack. There are few chairs on the pool deck and many loose Bandaids in the pool. I am sure of it. The concrete steps that lead down to the changing area, that is housed in the basement, reek of Pine-Sol. You kinda don’t want to know.

But. On a 90-degree afternoon, as an adult, you ignore all of the details. You simply run and jump into the deep end, like you are nine years old again, and yell “cannonball!”



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