The Good Old Days


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“I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.”

-Andy, The Office finale

I always hear about the good old days being so long ago. Like when my Grandpa could buy a bag of lemon drops for a nickel. Are the good old days gone? No way!

Reflecting on my good old days…

  • Was it my childhood? Three Flies Up with neighborhood buddies. Lightning bugs on humid Summer nights. Baking chocolate chip cookies with my Grandma.
  • Was it my teenager years? Hanging with friends. Scouting out cute guys. Touring Europe with my mother.
  • Was it early marriage? Movie nights mid-week. Road trips without destinations. Co-ed softball games and pizza.
  • Is it now? Raising children. Cheering them on soccer, football, and basketball. Family Monopoly games until the wee hours.

Whaddya know. I’ve been living the good old days all along,

How about you?

good old days

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Comments (4)

The days are what you make of them. And happily, mine are the good ‘now’ days.

Great post. I suppose there have been a few parts of my life that were not the good old days, but truthfully most of my life has been. Thanks for pointing that out.

I love calling them the good “now” days!

You’re a smart cookie.

And I’m glad they are good!

Thank you. I think we all have parts of our lives that aren’t the good old days. But I’m glad the majority has been good.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

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