A Jar of Two Spiders


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Awhile back, my son was studying spiders in class. I mean, arachnids. The teacher requested that students bring in spiders from home (or yard) for the class to study. Always eager to help a teacher out, we hunted around the wood pile–and whaddya know–we found two spiders. We scooped them up into the glass jar and screwed on the lid. Extra tight.

And I dropped that boy off at school. Here’s your lunch! Here’s your jar of spiders!

Seven hours later at the bus stop, off stepped my son. No jar in hand. Whew! I mean, who wanted two agitated spiders who had spent the day being examined by 24 students?

Then. Came. The. Call. From the office. “Hi, we have a jar here for you. You need to come by to pick it up.”

Apparently, you are not allowed to bring mysterious jars containing live creatures aboard the bus.

Yeah. I don’t really need that jar back. Yeah, the spiders either. Keep them.

Anything for science.


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I got chills just READING about this. Seriously.

Haha! Aren’t you glad they didn’t escape?


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