The Costco Run


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Upon my return from a recent Costco run, my oldest son greets me with, “Mom, did you buy anything good?”

Hmmm. Good?

Is he talking about the two gallons of milk? Good dairy, rBST free.

Or maybe the five lbs. of spinach. Packed with antioxidants.

The 10 lbs. of raw almonds? Good protein.

Ah, maybe he’s talking about the box of navel oranges. Chock full of vitamin C. The hemp hearts? Or the chia seed?

As my son helped me unload the groceries, he was hopeful. Wishing for the tub of chocolate-covered almonds. The beef jerky. The jumbo muffins.

Not today. So, I’m afraid the answer to his question is no.

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I get the same thing when there are only healthy snacks in the pantry. “There’s nothing to eat, can we go get ice cream?” Makes me want to throw boxes of granola bars, containers of yogurt and honey wheat pretzel sticks at them. I’ll bet they’d eat all of those things if I dipped them in chocolate first.

I definitely would eat more broccoli if it were dipped in chocolate.


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