Boys Will Be Boys


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Raising two boys keeps me on my toes. And opens my mind. My boys make awfully good teachers.

Take, for example, when we were sitting on the plane en route to Hawaii. My oldest son asked me, “Hey Mom, do you want to watch a movie with me”

“Sure. You pick.”

Well, he picked Black Hawk Down. A total guy movie! But his offer was so sweet and he even offered to split the earphones with me. So, we watched together. This movie taught me a little about military combat and more importantly, taught me a little more about boys.

Through the years, as my oldest son has grown, he has taught me a lot. I now know 20 things more about:

  1. Dinosaurs.
  2. Construction vehicles.
  3. Firetrucks.
  4. Race cars.
  5. Super heroes.
  6. Frogs.
  7. Water guns.
  8. Sharks.
  9. Legos.
  10. Fart jokes.
  11. Pirates.
  12. Nerf guns.
  13. Video games.
  14. Baseball.
  15. Lighting fireworks.
  16. War facts.
  17. Energy drinks.
  18. Action movies.
  19. Sports cars.
  20. Airsoft guns.

The other day, my son made me a survival bracelet. Maybe it’s for me to survive what’s yet to come: manhood


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