Parenting, Penises, and Really, Really Fat People


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I had a recent lunch date with my girlfriends.

You may think: ah, ladies who lunch. And you may picture tablecloths, heels, and wine glasses.

Yeah, no.

This was ladies who lunch after playing soccer. Instead, picture sweaty women, clad in shin guards, eating chicken teriyaki–hold the rice!

And the conversation was equally enticing: parenting challenges, penises (enough said), and really, really fat people (you know, the ones your kids single out way too loudly in public?)

We were laughing so hard, tears were streaming down our cheeks.

Lunch. Girlfriends. Giggles. I highly recommend all three. Shin guards optional.

lunching ladies

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Comments (4)

Love it!!

You’ll have to join us for lunch sometime! Wink.


As one of those women clad in shin guards and eating Teriyaki, it was the most fun I had had in a while. Let’s lunch sometime real soon again. I need a good laugh!

Yes, let’s do it again soon! I could use a good laugh right about now!


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