Have a Galloping Great Day!


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I enrolled my daughter in horse riding lessons. Horses are her passion. She’s ten. How could I say no?

She gallops along the sidewalk (with no horse). Posters of Appaloosas and Pintos adorn her walls. My daughter wants to be a vet. So, really, this is like career training!

Plus, there’s this: the horse instructor answers her phone with, “Have a galloping great day!” How can you resist such good-natured enthusiasm?!

From what I’ve seen, horse girls are wholesome, kind, sweet, and grounded. Exactly the qualities I like to see in a ten-year-old girl. Or 13.¬†Better sign her up through her teenager years.


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Your daughter has wonderful taste!! Horses are amazing. MUCH better than boy bands, which seem to be the current passion of MY daughters.

Ha! I hope this passion stays around. Yeah, like through high school!


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