The Apple Bank


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I was telling my kids about a prized present I received one Christmas. It was an apple bank. You put a coin at the mouth of an apple and a worm would crawl out to grab the coin, bringing it back with him to the apple innards.

It was the coolest!

My kids were like, “That sounds awesome!”

And then we Googled “apple piggy bank with worm.” Up popped the bank I remembered! We saw the vintage faded, plastic apple with the sticker eyes, and the wobbly door that opened, revealing a plastic worm. It wasn’t quite the awesome, magical bank I had described. My vivid memory from childhood had tarnished a little, just like the shiny silver dollars I’ve been keeping all of these years.

But my kids were like, “That is so cool, Mom!”

In the age of everything digital (there’s an app for that), were they just making me feel better?

I overheard my daughter tell her friend about this cool apple bank where the WORM comes out to eat your MONEY and how she totally wants one! And I smiled, because her enthusiasm at 10 years old is the exact same as my enthusiasm at her age. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…


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