The Eighth Grade Graduate


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My son is about to graduate from the eighth grade. There is to be a graduation ceremony at school.

My husband and I joked that we’re not really celebrating the academic accomplishments of his completing the 8th grade. Indeed, we are awfully proud of our son, but we sort of have higher academic aspirations for him that go beyond the eighth grade. We’re not exactly living in Little House on the Prairie times. It’s almost a redneck joke, “I’m so proud of you son! You’re an Eighth Grade Graduate!”

No, not that.

Regardless. I know I will cry when Pomp and Circumstance starts playing.

I will cry because I know that this is a milestone in my son’s young adulthood. The letter from the principal summed it up: “this marks the end of your child’s elementary education.” My son will soon close his elementary chapter, and will start the next chapter in his life: high school. That’s it. Tears are hitting already.

Graduations always get me. I can’t help it. They are both endings and beginnings.

But I know that while I will be tearing up, I will also be bursting with pride, and looking forward–supporting my son–as he makes his way ahead.



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I completely understand. I have a couple of those “graduating” as well. They call it something else, more symbolic about moving on to the high school across the street. No robes or pomp and circumstance, but there are high school drummers welcoming them to a new chapter in their lives. Completing 8th grade is not an academic milestone for us, but rather a sign of growing up. I don’t think I’ll cry, I haven’t in the past. I’m usually mad that my kid(s) didn’t get an award or something. Plus, kids that age in large groups can be obnoxious. I do, however, recall a fifth grade graduation ceremony where the children sang Rascal Flatts’ “My Wish” — not a dry eye in the house.

I will be going through that next year as my baby graduates 8th grade. Stay strong, girl. I’m right there with ya.

You’re right. It’s a sign of growing up. And I have mixed emotions about that! Enjoy your milestones!

Thank you for writing,

OK, I will! You hang in there too.


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