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My son doesn’t really want to learn how to tie his shoes. He has put it off. I blame Velcro.

We practiced the bunny ears. We even did the one where you have one bunny ear and then you strangle the bunny with the other loop. I thought violence and a little humor might help. 🙂

I promised him a new pair of shoes (any color!) when he decides to learn to tie. But he seems to prefer simply slipping on his shoes. Even better with no socks!

He can totally do it. Dude! He just finished building the Lego Millennium Falcon in like three days. That’s 1,254 Lego pieces! If he can put together 1,254 pieces, he can put together two laces.

But, whatever. It’s a good thing that Velco shoes come in all sizes. Or, maybe there are Lego shoes?


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Perhaps give him ANOTHER Millennium Falcon set, have him put that together and he can wear them on his feet like a matching pair! 🙂

This way, he’ll ALSO be able to experience the pain of stepping on Legos, multiple times. That should make him want to learn to tie those pesky shoes, my friend! 🙂

Ha! I totally know the pain of stepping on those freaking Legos!


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