The Dance Party


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It was just your typical Saturday night around here.

We cranked up some of my favorite dance songs from “way back when,” turned on the disco ball, and proceeded to have an impromptu dance party. That’s the best kind.

I taught my seven-year-old a thing or two about ’80s rap. And he taught me a thing or two about some crazy-cool dance moves.

Here are my top 13 favorite dance songs from long ago:

  1. Baby Got Back
  2. Can’t Touch This
  3. Push It
  4. Jump Around
  5. The Humpty Dance
  6. Walk This Way
  7. Word Up Cameo
  8. Rockit
  9. Insane in the Membrane
  10. Play That Funky Music
  11. Bust A Move
  12. Funky Cold Medina
  13. Wild Thing


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Comments (4)

It’s a playlist taken directly from my iPod!!! I love that you can show yourself being silly and having fun!! Love that!!

Sounds like we have the same tastes in music…great tunes for getting some cleaning done…or bustin’ a move with your kids.

Glad you liked my, uh, dance moves.:-)

Enjoy your day!

OH my gosh you make me laugh! Ya got some moves on ya, Girl! Ha! Were you on Dance Party USA?

I love to dance with my kids. My son gets his serious face and tries to break dance – but he doesn’t even know what break dancing is.

And I love the list. So it’s not a dance song, really, but a stupid song I can’t ever get out of my head and so I belt it out to be silly: Biz Markie, “Just a Friend”.

I’m glad you like to dance with your son too. Great fun!

I just YouTubed Just a Friend. Sounds like a good one to add to our list. I need some more moves. 😉


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