Buffalo Turds


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When you make cookies as ugly as I do, you might as well call them what they look like: buffalo turds.

Just take your favorite oatmeal cookie recipe and healthify it. Swap the white flour with oat flour. Swap the sugar with pureed dates. Add in some coconut, dried cranberries, and flax seed. And presto, you’ve got yourself fiber-rich “buffalo turds.”

Kids! Come and get ’em!

And you know what? They disappear about as quickly as the buffalo did a century ago. Fotunately, the American Bison are being reborn and the herds–and turds–are multiplying.

You can read more about these lovely creatures here:





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They sound really good. 🙂

They are…they just look ugly. 🙂

Try some and let me know!

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