I Love You Most


Posted by peskypippi | Posted in Love, Mother, Mothering, Mothers and Sons | Posted on 02-04-2013


Each day, I look at the note that is pinned to my bulletin board. Written by my youngest son, who turns eight years old today.

I need to laminate this sucker. The note. Not the boy.

But maybe I should laminate him, too. So I can preserve this sweetness forever. 🙂


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Awww that’s sweet. You’ve got yourself a keeper there. 😉

This post was beautiful to me. It made me laugh and smile at first, but then the sheer honesty of wishing we could capture that childhood sweetness just melted my heart. I love your writing so much.

That boy will go a long way

Aww, thanks! Yes, I think I’ll keep him awhile. 🙂


Thank you for the lovely comment!

You melted my heart reading it. 🙂

Aw, thanks!

I’ll keep ya posted!

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