Try Polka for Breakfast


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Think polka music is only for Oktoberfest? Or for The Lawrence Welk show? Or Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania?

Think again.

You know those mornings when your kids are sluggish at breakfast, barely able to scoop their eggs in their mouths?

Turn on Beer Barrel Polka radio on Pandora.

It will instantly change the morning mood. Your kids will laugh and scoop their eggs faster. And if you dance along, pretending you’re wearing lederhosen, your kids will think Mom is crazy. What’s new?


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I’ve got my 80’s channel on Pandora now but I’m switching over to Polka to get me through this Friday afternoon!!

LOVE IT!! I never would have guessed they had such a channel – but I’ll have to give it a go – not for the kids though, for myself. And I’d bet money no one will raise an eyebrow.

Hooray! Did you dance around with a big smile on your face!

Go you!

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