The Scarlet “L”


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The school nurse called us over one by one to check our hair. We were to sit on a metal chair, off in the corner of the classroom where the nurse used her special comb to check our hair for…lice.

All eyes were upon me as I sat there, hoping I wasn’t singled out.

It was fourth grade.

Fyi, head lice are parasites that infest people’s scalps. Like the scalps of innocent, brown-haired, nine-year-olds.

If you were free and clear of head lice, you were sent back to your desk. Otherwise, you were sent to the. Other. Room.

That’s where I went. Ostracized.

Everyone knew. Like Hester Prynne, I wore a scarlet letter on my chest. Except for mine was the letter “L.”

L on chest

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That made me want to cry! How cruel.

It’s OK. I don’t have lice anymore. 🙂

Having lice made me stronger!

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