Pete and Repeat


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Pete and Repeat were on a boat

Pete fell off

Who was left?


And so goes the old joke my Dad used to tell me. When he asked “Who was left?” I answered “Repeat” every time. At age nine, I was dense as a rock.

I’m less dense now and finally get it. Ahhh, it’s a total metaphor, isn’t it?

You row your boat in life. You balance. And you try not to fall in the water.

But sometimes you do. And that sucks.

Then you climb back aboard. And you repeat.

Good joke, Daddy.


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That is too funny. I can’t remember the last time I heard that joke, and I sure never stopped to think about it as a metaphor. Cheers to staying afloat!

I don’t think I heard that joke since I was 9! Maybe I just made it up that it’s a metaphor, but yes! Cheers to staying afloat!

Your fellow boat floater,

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