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I have a pretty high tolerance for the gross, bizarre, and inappropriate.

However, my conversation with Barbie raised some TMI (too much information) eyebrows.

Last weekend, Barbie groomed my eyebrows at the brow bar. I had been there before because Barbie is a pro. Except her name isn’t actually Barbie, but it might as well have been with her long blonde hair, blue eyes, tan in the winter, perfectly groomed brows, perfectly fake breasts, thin body.

While she was waxing my brows, we started chatting.

About the new recipes we tried. Barbie likes to make Chicken Cordon Bleu.

About her commute. She drives 40 minutes to work.

About her new apartment. And her boyfriend. And how he just bought her a head-to-toe laser hair removal treatment.


But then Barbie kept talking about the procedure. In detail. Including the Brazilian.

TMI, Barbie!

“I’ll never have to shave again!” she exclaimed.

Yeah, thanks for the visual.


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The picture is hysterical perfection!

I don’t think I’ll be going back to TMI Barbie.


This made me giggle.

I’m glad.


LOL! Was not expecting the picture at the end and, being that I am hold with the flu, made me blow snot out my overly-congested nose! TMI for you? So sorry. 😉
Thanks for my daily laugh!

The photo at the end was quite the punch line. I am laughing like crazy.

Thank you for that! I needed to LMAO this morning. The image is beyond funny. You da bomb, Pippi! 🙂

I’m glad I could help be a decongestant. 🙂

Snot and congestion are not too TMI for me…better out than in!

Who knew Barbie could be so entertaining?


Glad Brazilian Barbie made you smile. 🙂


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