Caught Off Guard At the Swimming Pool


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Looks can be deceiving. And eye opening.

The last time I took my kids swimming, it was: Splash! Slide! Marco Polo!

“You be the dolphin, I’ll be the shark!”

It was non-stop fun!

Another Mom caught my eye. She was a total hottie and was rocking her bikini. I stared. I couldn’t help it. She had a perfect body. I was instantly jealous.

Me? I was wearing my tankini. And, yeah, appropriately named. I kinda looked like a tank. But whatever.

The other Mom? She was gripping the pool’s edge. Not splashing. Or sliding. Or Marco Polo’ing. Or playing shark-eats-dolphin.

Why not??

I continued to glance over. What was her deal? Were her eyes sad? Wistful? I could feel her eyes on me. Was she watching me splash and play?

And then.

After the kids and I changed and piled into the car, I saw the bikini woman in the parking lot. Her face had a pained look; she was hurting. I now saw that she had M.S. and walked with a cane.


It was truly eye opening. My jealousy instantly vanished. And like the Grinch, my compassion grew three sizes that day.

Grinch's heart size (1)

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Sometimes it takes an incident like that to set you right and remember to appreciate things. Sometimes I wish it were acceptable to just run up to people and give them a hug for no reason, or a high five, or lick their face…ok the last one’s pushing it.

Exactly! It totally set me right. I wished I had given her a hug. She deserved a face-licking though. 🙂


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