The Magical Zoo Key


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“Este es el murciélago. El murciélago come las frutas.”

Animal facts, at the zoo, about the fruit bat in Spanish. It doesn’t matter if my kids really care (or understand) what the voice inside the box says. Spanish or English. Facts about the fruit bat, the brown bear, the salmon, the mandrill…at boxes scattered around the zoo.

It’s about who. Gets. To. The. Box. First.

The $3 plastic zoo key turns into the magical zoo key. The beholder of the key holds the power.

I have bought and rebought these zoo keys about 20 times. If we show up without a key, I have witnessed whining and pouting: “We need our key!”

And it’s true. We cannot visit the zoo without a key. My two youngest children need their own keys, apparently.

It’s become a tradition. We listen to the same old “Este es el murciélago. El murciélago come las frutas.”

It’s not about the money I have spent. It’s not about the animal facts they learn or don’t learn.

It’s all about childhood and magic. The magic that only a magical zoo key can unlock.

 zoo key

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