Running Low on Self-Confidence


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I’m kinda sick of my negative body image issues.

“But, Pippi! You’ve had three children! Each baby stretched out your belly, like three feet!”

Truth. Reality.

It seems that I am running high on negative body issues and low on self-confidence. It concerns me that my less-than-robust self-confidence will mess with my ability to be a strong role model for my children. How can they grow to be self-confident if I don’t exude self-confidence?

“But, Pippi! You’re always so positive and so happy and so loving! You are a great Mom! Your kids adore you! Your husband loves you! You are surrounded by family and friends who think you’re awesome! You have a great job! And, man, what curly hair!”

Truth. Reality. I am so blessed. What am I even complaining about?

“But, Pippi, happiness is about inner beauty and needs to come from within! And not something you seek outside yourself! You know this!”

I do know this. I am my own hurdle. This. Has. Got. To. Change. I need to change this.

I read an article that brought clarity to my jumbled thoughts. It’s about finding happiness within. Gilbert Ross, the author of the How to Find Happiness, is trying to encourage people to break the negative pattern “I will be happy if…” If I lose 20 lbs…If I get a raise…Whatever the if is, it’s always something. This leaves us feeling empty and sad because we are never gonna be happy until we surpass the next hurdle. And there are always more hurdles. (I know this. I ran track and hurdles back in high school.)

As a first step, I am connecting with these negative feelings and am working to transform them. It is high time that I make peace with myself.

After all, I’m clever. I have a winning smile and personality. Golly, people like me! I have so much to be positive about and thankful for in my life.

So that I can continue to be a glass half-full person, I need to also fill my glass with self-love and self-confidence. One drip at a time.

This is something we all deserve. Fill ‘er up.

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It’s got to be a lot of pressure to be the bubbly, happy-go-lucky one every day, all the time. You are entitled to have bad days, days when you feel low, just like everyone else.

On the flip side, I do really like the idea of not saying, “I’ll be happy if…” or “I’ll be happy when…” Happiness can only come from one place: you. I think the fact that you recognize that will help you get there.

Rough patches suck so hard, Pippi! I hope this one ends soon for you.

Thank you so much for your kind and smart words.

I’ll keep you posted!

Recognizing what you would like to change is the very first step and you’ve done that one! I am/will be cheering for you each step of the way!

Only you can change the way you feel. I like something that Audrey Hepburn said – you can find yourself in the service of others.

When I am feeling down on myself it makes me feel better to volunteer. By giving to others it makes me realize how much I have to offer. AND it feels good to choose to give to others — especially those in need. They get what they need, I get satisfaction from giving and everyone wins! 🙂

You are so right. It’s a total win win. Thanks for the great reminder to help others. There is lots of need out there.


Thank you so much! I appreciate your support.


I really like that idea of not saying I’ll be happy if, or I’ll be happy when. It’s a good goal to reach for. It’s a great self correction to keep in mind.

I agree. That’s one thing I’m putting into practice immediately.

Thanks for writing!

Hi Pippi! I just had to come and read that post after my comment on Twitter LOL I recently found Brene Brown the author of The Gifts of Imperfection. It is about vulnerability, we all need it to embrace a full life. I have also read The Happiness Trap, much like How to find Happiness (from within), but as I said, we are all human and no matter how good life is going, we all have those thoughts of self-doubt, of lacking confidence and days of feeling “less than”, if we don’t, THAT is when we should really start to worry. But it is how we get on with it that really matters after we have worked those moments through. A psychologist once talked to me about my “Tank of Wellness” and how we need to keep filling it up, otherwise, it will be drained dry by the demands life places upon us, (privileged or not). So you keep topping up your tank and you will have what it takes to give all you need to others AND yourself xo

I’m so glad you commented and share your thoughts. I will look into some of those books…it seems that many of us need reminders and reassurance to keep filling up our “tank of wellness.”

I am appreciative that you took the time to reach out.

Thank you,

Wow, look at that support. Women rock. We all rock. Except on days when we’re allowed to not feel like rocking. Hopefully you’ve regained your self-confidence and are drinking from a half-full glass once again.

Sometimes it’s hard when you look around and all you see are young, bouncy, cool-clothing-clad beautiful women who make you feel sub-par in an instant (those trolls). I understand that. We all have those times. If a person doesn’t, they need treatment, right?

Hope you’re feeling better!!

Thank you for the support! Yes, it’s OK to get down and feel low. It’s also a chance do some self-reflection. I perked up but still feel sub-par from time to time. Don’t we all?

It’s part of being a woman, I guess.

Thanks again for writing!

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