The Scarf


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I was given a very generous gift. A scarf.

Except. I’m not really a scarf-wearer. I’m more of a t-shirt-and-jeans wearer.

Coordinating work clothes puts me in a tizzy. What with the blouse, the cardigan, the skirt, the tights, the shoes, the accessories. It’s overwhelming to me.

But. I am thankful to receive presents.


I consulted my fashionista 10-year-old daughter and even checked out a fashion website––that details exactly how to wear a scarf. Did you know there’s a way to wear a scarf called The Neck Brace? And, yeah, when I checked myself in the mirror, I looked about as uncomfortable as someone wearing an actual neck brace. Stiff and awkward.

I tried the looping and the twisting and the wrapping. I paired my new lime green scarf with my black outfit, and headed into work. I walked into the meeting looking something like this.



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