The. Stomach. Flu.


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Ever wonder what your stomach is saying when it is gurgling and swirling with the stomach flu?

I know this! Pippi raises hand…

The other day, two of my children and I were home sick with the flu. The 24-hour variety. You know, the kind that when your friend asks, “Were you sick? What did you have?” And then you say “The stomach flu.” And you quickly add, “But I’m all better now!” Then your friend takes a few steps back. Because, eeewww. Who wants to get THAT?

So, this is what we looked like and sounded like. Instead of roaming the cemetery, we were roaming the house. The moaning was the same. I’m not kidding you, straight out from Night of the Living Dead. But instead, it was Day.


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Glad you guys are feeling better now, Pippi!!

***backs away slowly, grabs Purell to clean hands, grabs Clorox wipes to wipe down monitor and keyboard…..

Hahaha! Thank you.

“Stomach flu” are two words that you just don’t want to hear.

Hope you don’t get it!

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