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I’m impressed with artsy-and-crafty people and their creations. See below for some very cool ideas I have spotted for Valentine’s Day. But let it be known that I am not one of them. Sure, I make giant cookies. Sure, I made Valentines for my classmates out of doilies when I was a kid. But that’s where my crafty talents end. Read my Screw You, Martha Stewart post here┬áif you’d like elaboration.

Are you looking for a really simple Valentine’s Day project to do with your kids? Simply, pack them into the car and drive to the grocery store. Have them select their favorite boxed Valentine’s Day cards to give to their classmates.

We opted for “Furry Animals” and “Star Wars” Valentines. Tape on a ring pop. And…we’re done.

And, really, nothing says I love you quite like Darth Vader.

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