When Slurp Meets Gross-Me-Out


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When sexy meets smart. Apparently that’s the new tagline of Go Daddy.

More like: When slurp meets gross-me-out. Totally LOL.

Did you see the Go Daddy commercial that ran during the Super Bowl??? OMG. It was the best. Where supermodel, Bar Refaeli, slurps kisses smart guy-nerd, Walter.


It was like a train wreck. You had to stare.

But the slurping?? You had to listen. And turn up your TV’s volume to, like, 30. And you laughed your ass off. And you proceeded to go to YouTube so you could watch it again. And again. And again.

My friend @FloodG described this sound:

A slurping kiss that sounds like stirring creamy, oozing, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese…in your ear. Yeah that.

That Walter? He’s gonna be more famous than Bar Refaeli.

Did you miss it? No worries. Check it out here. And let me know what it sounds like to you. All this talk is making me kinda hungry…


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Comments (8)

Blech! That was an icky sounding kiss.


I have rewatched it like 10x already!


So, in other news, what’s for dinner?


You really keep watching it? I never want to see it again!

Their slurpy kiss sounds like when you are walking through mud and then your foot gets stuck and you have to pull it out. YUCK!

I have to admit, I find gross things quite funny. Maybe it’s having two sons?


THAT is exactly that sound!


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