Nice Buns


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Yeah, yeah. We’re trying to eat healthier as a family. Blah, blah.

I’ve been buying whole wheat hamburger buns for years. The kids don’t like them. They end up eating the burger but leaving the bun. Another bun bites the dust.

Then, I tried the not-so-wheaty buns. Alas, they were also neglected. My attempts at healthier eating weren’t going so well.

Next, we tried the super thin (tortilla-thin), multi-grain buns. Gag. The kids hated them. Damn. I bought a ginormous bag of them at Costco.

So tonight, we went back to the old school, fluffy, white buns with sesame seeds. I don’t think they have an ounce of wheat in them. And tonight, the hamburgers–and their accompanying buns–were eaten. Every last seed.

Nice buns.


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Comments (2)

Isn’t it healthier to eat the burger without the bun anyway? 🙂
I get the wheat bread when I go to subway because that way I never want more than half. If I get the delicious white, I eat the full footlong… Wheat bread acts as a nasty appetite suppressant!

Yeah, I’m not eating much bread these days. But the kids? They won’t eat burgers without buns.

Now, I’m hungry for Subway!

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