Shopping for Boots with Bigfoot


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It seems like it was just two months ago when I bought my 10-year-old daughter new shoes. Three new pairs in fact.

Say…it WAS just two months ago. And now she has outgrown them. “Can’t you just wear your basketball shoes to school?”

Apparently not.

My “lady girl” as I call her–is sized as a lady in clothes and shoes but is still the age of a girl–she’s tricky to shop for. She’s not ready for low-plunging necklines and low-waisted jeans. And oh the boots in her size. Thigh-high. High-heeled.

Off to the lady boot store we went. Let me tell you, when you outgrow your boots and it’s the end of January, it’s slim pickings…for an age-appropriate boot. She found the perfect pair. For a hooker.

We finally found a pair we both agreed on. No-heel, black suede with fringe…in her size!

She’s only 10 but her feet happen to be ginormous. Big feet on a woman = big brains. This I know. After all, my girl takes after her Mama. 🙂


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Pippi I feel your pain. My 13 year old has had her name legally changed to Sasquatch. She is in a women’s 12.5. NOT so easy to find shoes that fit her.

Now, I feel your pain! Because, er, she could crush you with feet like that. 🙂

LOL and thanks for sharing,

No. 1 son is about to take off for a six-month tour as a musician on a cruise ship. Went shopping with him and wanted to die. He’s 24. Nothing fits to his liking. His old man is short, bald and has one hand. And Junior is unhappy with his body. Puhlease. And BTW, good on you for canning the hooker boots idea. A whole lotta Mums don’t bother. Ack.

I like hearing about your father-son tales. It’s nice to hear different people share similar experiences.

Wow…a tour as a musician!

What a supportive Dad you are,

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