Do You Want Hairs With That Burger?


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After a fun day of snow tubing, I took my kids to dinner at one of the restaurants in the tiny mountain town. Local flavor. Tucked into a corner, in the lodge restaurant, it was cozy. Our waiter sported a long, bushy, dangly moustache. The kind that made you do a double take.

Burgers, fries, salad. Normal fare. But we were starving, so it hit the spot.

Until. We. Discovered. A. Hair. In. My. Daughter’s. Burger.


Where was our hairy waiter? Nowhere. I searched out the cashier and told her, “Excuse me, there was a hair in my daughter’s hamburger.”

She looked at me and questioned, “Oh really? How long was it?” She directed the question to my daughter. As if. We were lying.

WTH? How long? Twelve inches. Nine inches. Four inches. One inch. Half an inch. Does it matter? When it comes to hair in food, size doesn’t matter. A hair is a hair is a hair.

My daughter held out her hands about four inches apart, “It was like this,” she described.

Net net. We weren’t charged for her burger. And oh by the way, how about a hair net for that ‘stache?

This made me think of a little hair on a little can of Coke in the not-so-little Anita Hill vs. Clarence Thomas sexual harassment case. Says Anita Hill: “Who has put pubic hair on my Coke?”

Do you want fries hairs with that burger?



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Comments (4)

Okay, ew, eew, EW!
What kind of a question is that!? “How long was the hair?!!” Crazy.

I know, right?? Does it matter? Double ewww. 🙂

Thanks for making me smile!

LOL! Ewww!! I can’t believe she asked how long it was. What a weird question to spout off in that situation.

She obviously made such an impact with her questioning that I had to write about it. Hahaha!


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