Cooking 101…Teaching My Teen A Life Lesson Or Two


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As if it’s not enough to raise our children to be kind and confident, smart and self-sufficient, and resilient and resourceful, we also need to teach them to cook.


A panic washed over me last Summer when I realized that my (newly teen) son did not know how to make anything. Other. Than. A. Sandwich.

I felt that he was well on the road to being kind, confident, smart, resilient, and resourceful…but might be lacking in the self-sufficient department.

Resourceful in the kitchen? Yeah, kinda. My son was a pro at microwaving soup, frozen burritos and instant oatmeal. He also used the can opener like a whiz! Opening fruit cocktail like nobody’s business.

Frozen burritos and instant oatmeal will only get you so far.

But could he create something from scratch? Not so much.

I knew what I had to do. Teach that young man to cook!

Cooking 101: creating self-sufficient young adults. (Also known as: creating patient parents who lack proper cooking skills themselves.)

Yikes again!

We began with simple items. Grilled-cheese sandwiches. Scrambled eggs. Quesadillas with refried beans.

We also learned:

  • How to cut up vegetables and serve with Ranch dip.
  • How to cut an orange into slices.
  • How to hardboil an egg. And then proceed to peel and slice it.

This progressed into:

  • How to make a smoothie in the blender out of yogurt, juice, frozen fruit, and protein powder.

Ta da! He now knows how to make a few well-rounded meals.

Slowly but surely, my son is expanding his food-making repertoire. I am convinced that he will be self-sufficient in the kitchen someday, and be happy as a result.

And this makes me happy.

happy food

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And you didn’t kill each other in the process…bonus!!

I am slowly learning patience. 🙂


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