Ice Skating With My Two Sillies


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I took my kids ice skating at the local ice rink.

This outing was different. I think I have changed. For the better.

I realize that my two sillies are teaching me a bunch as we go. A bunch about just enjoying the moment.

I used to obsess that we get our money’s worth. “Let’s get out there and skate! Hurry! No resting!”

It took us like 11 minutes to get our skates laced, coats zipped, gloves on.ย Then, hobbling. Teetering. Onto the slippery ice.

Only two laps around and I needed to rest my ankles. The throbbing!

It took my seven year old precisely 14 minutes to skate one lap.

Then. He asked for nachos and root beer. Normally I would say, “You’re hungry already?” And encourage him to skate more because “We didn’t come here to eat.”

But not this time. I pulled out my wallet. The three of us sat around the little table laughing, eating nachos, watching the zaboni.

A few more laps. More resting. More giggling. A few falls. Some hand-holding. More resting. More giggling.

With all the hobbling, teetering, laughing, resting, snacking, and sillying, we probably only got in 40 minutes of skating. But who cares? It’s probably the non-skating moments that we’ll remember more.

As we unlaced and ditched the skates, my kids said to me, “we had the best time ever.”

Yeah, me too.

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Comments (6)

What a fun time! Love the ice dancing ๐Ÿ™‚

Very fun, You are doing your resolution of more fun, less stress and it works so well !! Amazing how you also skated and not an easy thing to do.

Good job! The being together is the important part. Whatever else you’re doing if you’re enjoying being together, you’re doing it right.

Haha! Thanks! Join me next time!


Yeah, I am incorporating more fun. The kids teach me a lot about fun. ๐Ÿ™‚


That’s such a good message…thank you for that.

Hope you are enjoying “being together” time too.


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