Bumps in the Road


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No one ever prepared me that mothering would be so tough. That there would be many unexpected bumps in the road.

Christmas Day nine years ago was exactly this.

On Christmas morning, we were opening presents, with my 13-month-old daughter on my lap. Joyous? Giddy?

Not so much. She felt hot and lethargic. A fever was brewing. I started worrying. I readjusted her on my lap and felt something odd under her armpit. She squirmed. I excused myself from the family to check out what was up.

I took off her jammies only to reveal a lump in her armpit–the size of an egg–inflamed and hard as freaking rock.


I quickly put her outfit back on, went downstairs, and quickly motioned for my husband to come with me for a second opinion. I didn’t want to alarm my son and mother who were enjoying the festivities.

Calls to the advice nurse. Calls to urgent care. Nothing open. It was Christmas Day, so the emergency room it was.

We decided that we would divvy up for the day. I would take my daughter to the hospital while my husband, mother, and son would head over to my in-laws to meet up with the rest of the family. And I would meet up with them in a bit. “A bit” turned into 10 hours later.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Prodding. Testing. Perplexing.Worrying.

Turned out that it was an infection. Medicine was given. A follow-up appointment was scheduled. Then later, a surgery.

We spent 10 hours in the hospital on Christmas Day. A mother cradling her sick baby. I nervously ate an entire Tupperware container full of chocolate chip cookies that I hastily grabbed at the last minute.

But she would be OK. That was all I needed to hear.

Bumps. Lumps. Sickness. Injuries. Disappointments. Failures. Sadness. They happen. You get through it.

As a parent, you deal with your own “bumps” but also your children’s “bumps.”

May you handle the bumps in the road ahead, whatever they may be. And may they smooth out.


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