Alligators Are Coming Out of His Ass?


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The other day at work, a co-worker was describing how busy someone was and said, “He’s up to his ass in alligators.”

Yikes. What a great saying. I can relate.

But that wasn’t what I heard him say.┬áLet me just tell you: it pays to listen carefully.

I thought he said, “Alligators are coming out of his ass.”

Double yikes. Now THAT would be a sight. And something I hope to never see or experience.

This reminds me of playing telephone tag as a kid. Where you whispered a word into someone’s ear. And then she whispered it into someone’s ear. And then she whispered it into someone else’s ear. And so on and so on until it turned into something totally different.

Giraffe => moustache => big ass.

It was hard to hear with all the giggling and whatnot.

Go on…play a retro game of telephone, will ya?

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For us it would be a croc coming out his arse

Excellent translation!


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