10 Things NOT to Buy Your Guy


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The gift giving season is upon us. Here are 10 things retailers make you think your man wants.


If I gifted any of the below to my guy, he might just punch me in the nose.

Ya might want to think twice before purchasing any of these things:

  1. Cologne
  2. Tie
  3. Robe
  4. Electric shaver
  5. Wallet
  6. Pajamas
  7. Nose and ear hair trimmer
  8. Christmas sweater
  9. Anything monogrammed
  10. Tire gauge*

*Thank you @Keeferdog for the brainstorming!

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Comments (8)

I agree. It mystifies me when these types of gifts are presented as generic guy gifts. Like, “Sure! Give your uncle a tire pressure gauge and some cologne! Guys love that stuff! No way you can have too many tire pressure gauges or different types of cologne that you don’t like the smell of.” I’m more the Amazon gift certificate with a side of cookies type.

LOL! Amazon gift cards and cookies are the best! So how do I get on your list?

Thanks for the laugh,

i got my guy #7 last year and he was just remarking how it is his favorite gift and so useful. this year he requested #2 and black socks.

No way! You crack me up.

Sometimes it’s about the basics. 🙂

I feel the need to gift more tailored items, otherwise I fear I may get a mop or dishtowels in return!


*Tyre 😛

Is that what you want for Christmas?


Yep, the BF would look at me kinda funny if any of those were to make it under the tree. We’re all about quirky and unique gifts around here. Thanks again for the inspiration…tomorrow’s post makes me happy. 🙂

With a name like Quirky Chrissy, how could you NOT be about unique gifts? 🙂

I liked your post!


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