Good Morning


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Sleepy-eyed, slow-walking, nearly-staggering.

That’s my teen son in the early morning, before school.

He mumbles good morning and greets me with a hug. I whip up breakfast. Bacon and eggs. An English muffin. Sometimes hot chocolate. Sometimes oatmeal. Sometimes fruit.

Whatever it is, he eats with enthusiasm.

My son is certainly old enough to make his own breakfast.

A pro, in fact. He has mastered scrambled eggs. And microwave burritos.

Instead, I could use this morning time to log on and get some work done. Or start a work out.

But no.

It’s our 10 minutes of together-time.

My breakfast buddy. It’s a good morning.


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Comments (2)

Absolutely adorable!! And he’ll remember that time that you took to do that more than he’ll remember you taking the time to workout or log on and get some stuff done. Good job, mom!!!

Aw, you’re sweet!

Today’s breakfast was a turkey sandwich…in a hurry…but always time for a bite and a hug. 🙂

Thanks for the nice words!

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